Diamond Select Toys: Thanos Resin Statue ComicWow! Review


The newest full-size statue in the Marvel Premiere Collection is here! Thanos has clashed with tons of teams like the Avengers, the Nova Corps, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, leaving destruction in his wake.

This statue of Thanos stands at over 12 inches tall, and comes with interchangeable hands, the Infinity Gauntlet, and the Cosmic Cube. The mad Titan has never looked so powerful than in Clayburn Moore’s sculpt. The base of this statue looks like stone and includes the Infinity Gems. Two fires burn on the base behind Thanos himself, who stands in a powerful stance with one fist held low and the other held above and in front of him. The sculpt of Thanos is perfect. We see major muscle groups, realistic facial lines and wrinkles, an expressive face, and a stoic uniform.

The paint application on this item is also amazing. You can even see light from the fire cast on the base! The cracks in the base are clearly definted to look somewhat like cobblestones. Thanos’ uniform is painted neatly in blue and gold, and his eyes look absolutely striking.

This is a collectible that is well worth the buy to any Marvel fan. It’s limited to 3,000 pieces and comes in a full color box with a certificate of authenticity, so act fast and make sure to get one of these bad boys for yourself!