Diamond Select Toys: Spider-Gwen Resin Statue ComicWow! Review


Diamond Select Toys (DST) proudly presents the Spider-Woman of Earth-65 resin statue from its Marvel Premier Collection. Spider-Gwen stands 12 inches tall and is about to shoot a webline while balanced on a base with one foot. Limited to 3,000 units, this statue comes with a certificate of authenticity.

DST’s art director, Clayburn Moore, serves as sculptor for this piece. Moore is a widely-known and well-respected sculptor with a mastery of the human form that is evident in all his creations. With a history of sculpting and refining his skills in Italy, Moore has released statues for comic publishers and toy lines based on pop culture iconography like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Futurama, Vampirella, Beavis and Butthead, and more. Moore helped relaunch DST’s Premiere Collection 12” resin statue line. In reviving the Marvel Premiere Collection, this Spider-Gwen statue was sculpted.

The statue comes in two parts: the base and Gwen Stacy herself. Gwen’s hair looks like it is flowing in a light breeze, but it clearly lets us see the detail in her facial features. Moore has meticulously sculpted Gwen’s lips, nose, cheek bones, eyes, and brow line so that we can see the focus in her heroinism. Her stance shows precision and stoicism as she is ready to take on the evil within the streets of New York. Her body is anatomically correct, with details from muscles to dimples shown in full. “My goal in sculpting the Spider-Gwen was to present her as being quick, agile and having an effortless grace in her movements,” says Moore. “This Gwen has spider powers now and it’s obvious she enjoys them, so I wanted the sculpture to reflect that.”

The base is beautifully hand-painted to resemble spider-webs. The hand-painted cracks in the resin base give it a sense of character as it holds the heroine. Moore explains that “[he] felt the aesthetics of this piece crossed the boundary into fine art, so [he] gave her the decorative base rather than a base that showed a particular environment.” At the bottom of Gwen’s left shoe, there is a metal peg that fits into the base; this statue is designed for the utmost durability. Even the packaging ensures minimal to no product damage.

This item has been in production for almost a year since its conceptual design in December of 2015. According to Moore, “The idea came from a number of pose sketches that were submitted when [DST] began the project.  One pose stood out for a Premier Collection resin Spider-Man, but one had a feminine grace to it that was also very clear. [He] wrote Chuck, and [they] agreed that the one should be Spider-Man and the other Spider-Gwen. DST submitted the sketch and it was approved.” The end product is stable, beautiful, and worth the $150.00 listing price. This item is available NOW on diamondselecttoys.com.

To watch an unboxing and in depth look at the statue, click here.