Diamond Select Toys: Premier Collection—The Joker Resin Statue ComicWow! Review


From the Batman classic TV series, Diamond Select Toys (DST) brings us a resin statue of the Joker himself! This 11.5” statue depicts the Joker as his character appeared on the classic TV series. This statue was sculpted by Jean St. Jean; each unit comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

The sculpt on this statue is phenomenal. From folds in fabric to wrinkles in the skin, the Joker looks as realistic as ever. There is an immense amount of detail in the sculpt, including the pinstripes in the Joker’s pants and the individual hairs on his head.

The base is also done in an effective manner. The Joker comes with a TV show-inspired base that reads, “HAHAHA,” the villain’s classic calling card. In the center of it is an image of the Joker from the TV series itself.

The paint job adds a lot of life to the item, too. It is completely purple and green, seeing as, you know, the Joker is so stylish. He’s sporting a purple tailcoat over a green dress shirt, with a tie that matches his gloves and shoes (which are all black). His face is a pale white, his green hair matches his shirt and the base, and we can see the classic red lip in his eerie grin.

This collectible is a must-have for all the diehard Batman fans out there, as well as anyone feeling a bit nostalgic. This statue is a great throwback to the classic TV series, and will definitely turn heads in your collection. But only 1,966 statues were made, so act fast!