Diamond Select Toys: Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales—Salazar & Jack Sparrow Vinimates ComicWow! Review


In honor of the new Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales film, Diamond Select Toys has released these Vinimates, based on the characters’ appearances in the movie. Today, we’re taking a look at both Salazar and Jack Sparrow.

Salazar looks menacing. He looks absolutely ethereal in the grey and black paint job. We can see everything from the wrinkles in his face to the detail in his wardrobe from the paint job alone. The sculpt of this Vinimate is just as impressive. He stands with his arms crossed across his chest, whilst wearing a tattered uniform that we can tell has seen quite a bit. His hair drapes behind him, and he looks absolutely frightening.

On the other hand, we have Jack Sparrow. This is a really friendly looking Vinimate, with a huge smile painted on his face, making him look as friendly as ever. He stands with one hand at his side and another lifting up a sword. His wardrobe is very much like the typical way Sparrow dresses—tons of buckles, belts, scarves, a hat, and hair that looks unruly but somehow perfect. We can see every bit of his wardrobe, and it definitely makes for a realistic depiction of the character.

These figures are sculpted in the typical Vinimates block-figure style. They’re each about four inches tall, have poseable heads, and are available this summer! But you can pre-order yours now at diamondselecttoys.com.