Diamond Select Toys: Old Man Logan PVC Diorama ComicWow! Review


Being a long-time Wolverine fan, I’m a little biased when I say that this diorama is perfection. Old Man Logan is doing very well as a comic book series, and the former X-Man himself did a wonderful job in this year’s feature film, Logan. There’s a lot of hype around Old Man Logan, and this beauty couldn’t have come at a better time for all us diehard X-Men fans.

In an alternate future, an illusion at the hands of Mysterio causes Logan to mistakenly kill his fellow X-Men. Having to live with the guilt, Logan settles to a quiet life, but he is forced to pop his claws once more. When several realities merge together, Logan finds himself in an alternate past where everyone he killed is still alive. He thus vows to protect them as a member of the Extraordinary X-Men.

This 9-inch tall Marvel Gallery collectible is based off of Old Man Logan’s comic book appearance, and features a ton of detail. Phil Ramirez serves as sculptor of his gem, and he does a fantastic job. We can see wrinkles in clothing, the aging in Logan’s face, and an extremely stern expression as he poses with his claws out.

Old Man Logan stands atop rocks and debris (consisting of Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s suit). One detail I love about this diorama is Logan’s coat. It is a great addition to the piece that makes Logan look even more stoic. It fans out behind him, and makes the collectible look absolutely epic.

The paint job on this piece is really exact. From facial hair to Logan’s boots, he looks amazing. Tattered and torn, like he’s been around, but perfect. The paint accurately describes Old Man Logan as he is now, having been through so much, and still looking classy.

This item comes in a full color window box, ready for display. Honestly, if you even remotely like Logan, I recommend sporting it off with this collectible diorama. It’s available this summer, but you can pre-order yours now for a modest $45.00 at diamondselecttoys.com!