Diamond Select Toys: Justice League Unlimited—Huntress Figure ComicWow! Review


Daughter of a notorious crime boss, Helena Bertinelli lost her parents in a mob hit when she was a kid. With revenge in mind, she became a martial arts pro and world-class gymnast. As the Huntress, her crime-fighting landed her a spot in the Justice League—until her fixation on revenge got in the way. She’s back to fighting crime in the streets.

This 9-inch Diamond Select Toys PVC figure of the Huntress is based on her appearance in Justice League Unlimited. She rests on a diorama base, and is scale to the “Gallery” and “Femme Fatales” figures. Packaged in a full-color window box, this is the perfect piece to showcase your collection.

The way that Varner Studios sculpted the Huntress makes her look more like she’s posing than getting ready to fight anyone off. It takes away from the realistic aspect of her character, but certainly creates a tense ambience. She is resting on the base with one leg bent and the other locked. She looks to her left with one hand holding her crossbow and the other resting on her upper arm. Her hair suggests some movement but, judging by her posture and sculpting, there is none to be seen.

Her wardrobe is spot on when it comes to relating to her character in the show. She wears a costume of black, purple, and white. She has a utility belt and a gun at her side. She inherently has a darker aesthetic than most characters, and it shows. I do, however, wish her face had more emotion to it.  Stress lines or even more focus in her eyes would benefit the entire figure. Nonetheless, this is an amazing sculpt with a lot of minute details in the paint job.

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