Diamond Select Toys: Justice League Unlimited—Galatea Statue ComicWow! Review


Diamond Select Toys (DST) presents the girl who would be Power Girl! When Supergirl came into contact with Kryptonite, the scientists at Cadmus Labs extracted some of her DNA and created a clone named Galatea. Connected by a psychic link, Supergirl was bummed about Galatea’s criminal activity and Galatea was bummed about Supergirl’s moral compass. The two ended up starting a war between Cadmus and the Justice League!

DST offers this 9-inch scale PVC figure of Galatea over a diorama base. This figure is based on her appearance in Justice League Unlimited, and is constructed of vinyl, coming in a full-color window box to add even more awesomeness to your collection.

Galatea is portrayed here in her white costume (with white gloves and shoes, plus a yellow belt), hovering near Supergirl’s cape. She comes with the same unrealistic-but-accurate-to-the-TV-show body sculpt as the “Femme Fatales” line of figures. Her pose, with balled fists and arms pulled back, suggests she is about to fight. Varner Studios has done an amazing job showcasing her power in this pose, as well as the determination in her eyes. The paint job is very precise, carefully done, and reflective of her character in the show.

This figure shows not only a well-liked character, but movement therein. Galatea isn’t just posing; she’s ready to fight. For a closer look at the product, head over to diamondselecttoys.com. Enjoy!