Diamond Select Toys: Justice League Unlimited—Black Canary PVC Figure ComicWow! Review


Diamond Select Toys is proud to present this Justice League Unlimited-inspired, 9-inch PVC figure of Dinah Lance (otherwise known as the Black Canary). Black Canary has the power of the “Canary Cry,” a sonic assault that can hurt both her opponents and physical structures (as seen by the deliberately broken base of this figure).

Varner Studios has put Black Canary in her comic-inspired leather jacket and tights, keeping this figure true to the character. The sculpture is proportionally unrealistic but shows us exactly how Lance is portrayed in the TV show. Her hair and jacket both wave behind her in a gust from what I can only assume is her Canary Cry.

Lance has a very cute face. That’s vague, I know, but she has stereotypically “cute” features, like small facial features. Her lips are done with “makeup” to make them look bigger, she has a cinched nose, and her eyes look as big as they do because of her “eyeliner.” The painting, therefore, certainly does its job.

Black Canary looks very dainty in this figure, but is standing in such a pose that makes her look powerful. Her legs are apart, her fists are balled, and her arms are pulled outward and slightly backward so that her chest protrudes a bit. More than anything, though, we see her mouth as what she puts forth the most. This is appropriate, given her power, and it actually makes for a pretty awesome looking figure.

This is a figure for collectors, Marvel fans, Black Canary fans, and sculpting enthusiasts alike. To get one for yourself, visit diamondselecttoys.com.