Diamond Select Toys: Justice League Unlimited Animated Shazam Resin Bust ComicWow! Review


An ordinary boy, Billy Batson, needs only to say “shazam,” and he becomes a grown man with insane powers. With superhuman strength, flight, and the ability to call down lightning, it’s no wonder he made the Justice League.

Diamond Select Toys (DST) presents Shazam! Based on his appearance in Justice League Unlimited, this 6-inch bust of the character is a must-have for any fan of the Justice League.

Varner Studios has done an amazing job sculpting this bust, from a base that is styled after the Justice League’s watchtower to the burly anatomy of Shazam’s character. Shazam stands with his fists balled and a stern expression on his face—ready for anything. The sculpt is smooth and very reminiscent of the TV show animation.

The paint job resembles the TV show, too. It isn’t too detailed or realistic, but it definitely stays true to the animation design in the series, like the eyes being solely black dots. Nonetheless, with the sculpting pairing so well with the paint, it doesn’t look bad at all, despite its simplicity. The colors stick to his costume—red, yellow, and then white on his cape.

This is a great collectible for any Justice League collection. It’s limited to 3,000 pieces, so when it’s released this summer, make sure to act fast! You can pre-order yours now, by clicking here!