Diamond Select Toys: Ghostbusters Slimer Cookie Jar ComicWow! Review


Diamond Select Toys (DST) is proud to present the food-loving ghost, Slimer! Made famous by the Ghostbusters franchise, Slimer is now in cookie-jar form. At 9” tall, this ghostly vessel includes a removable head for you to access all the cookies you want!

This ceramic cookie jar bears a striking resemblance to Slimer’s character in the Ghostbusters films and animated series. There is a fair amount of detail in both Slimer’s body and color. From wrinkles to bulges, Slimer’s distorted body looks just as ethereal as ever. Small details like shadowing and highlighting definitely show through and make the jar look even more like the gluttonous ghost we know and love.


Inside Slimer’s stomach, smaller cookies are able to be stored with ease. For more information on the cookie jar, watch ComicWow!’s unboxing of the item here.

To order a Slimer Cookie Jar of your own for $44.99, visit diamondselecttoys.com.

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