Diamond Select Toys: Ghostbusters—Slimed Peter Vinimate ComicWow! Review


In their first paying gig, the Ghostbusters hunted and captured a phantasm. Success! But before they were able to get the job done, it covered Peter in a bright green ectoplasm. In this Diamond Select Toys (DST) GameStop exclusive Vinimate, we see Peter in his uniform, coated in that slime.

The sculpt of this collectible is reminiscent of the classic Vinimate style, really angular and blocky. Peter’s head is fully poseable, and can turn around 360 degrees, moving upwards and downwards, too. Small details like the hair on Peter’s head and the Ghostbusters logo on his uniform make this Vinimate the perfect addition to any Ghostbusters collection.

The paint job on this figure is done with a lot of precision and care. Although most of Peter is green because of the slime, we still get to see bits of his hair, uniform, gun, hands, and face. In those places, the colors are realistic and definitely stand out among the rest of the neon green. Peter’s expression is also painted in such a way that we can see the urgency of the situation. He looks a mix of worried, surprised, and disgusted—all appropriate reactions to the ectoplasm.

This figure is a great one to add to any Vinimate collection. DST carries plenty of other Ghostbusters Vinimates, as well as banks, Minimates, prop replicas, statues, signs, kitchenware, action figures, and more! Head over to diamondselecttoys.com now and expand your collection!