Diamond Select Toys: Forbidden Planet’s Robby the Robot Vinimate ComicWow! Review


After 20 years of silence, a spaceship is sent to check up on an expedition to Altair IV. What they find is one scientist, his daughter, and his creation—Robby the Robot! But is science enough to defeat the invisible creature on the planet? Diamond Select Toys presents this vinyl Vinimate of Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet!

Robby’s suit is sculpted to look exactly like that in the film. It has a sort of old school style to it, but is far more advanced than that. The sculpt is really detailed, taking every indentation into account from inside the clear helmet to the pinstripes in Robby’s arms.

The lines are precise and exact, which isn’t easy to do. Beyond being a good sculpt, this item looks really clean. That’s a weird way to describe it, but it looks perfect, neat, aligned beautifully, and actually looks like it could be an AI with its own mind.

The paint job is done really well, but keeps a basic metallic color to reflect Robby’s material. Otherwise, we see some silver, a bit of red, and a small amount of yellow. This is a great depiction of Robby from the film, and stays true to the character instead of trying to make it look really flashy or “updated.” I can definitely appreciate that fact.

This collectible comes packaged in a window box, ready for display. The box itself comes with a color design from Forbidden Planet. For fans of the film, this collectible is a must-have. It’s the perfect way to pay homage to Robby, and make your desk, living room, man cave, whatever, looking even cooler!