Diamond Select Toys: Doctor Strange PVC Diorama ComicWow! Review


The Marvel Universe’s Sorceror Supreme is now in 9-inch PVC! Doctor Strange is seen hovering over the Eye of Agamotto while casting a spell. I can’t even fathom how insanely badass this figure looks. Phil Ramirez’s sculpting skills are on point.

First and foremost, Doctor Strange is freaking floating over top the base, which is the Eye of Agamotto. His cape, which is blown out behind him (it looks amazing), is the only thing connecting him to the base. Even so, the figure seems really sturdy. So, at first glance, this figure looks mesmerizing—absolutely enthralling.

Ramirez went above and beyond in the sculpt. From thigh and calf muscles to facial features, everything is so meticulously placed that it looks eerily real. My favorite part of this item has to be Doctor Strange’s head. His hair is sculpted so we can see individual hairs. His forehead shows frown lines and his face stress lines. We can see so much emotion on his face. His facial hair is insanely realistic, with each strand painted so carefully that both his eyebrows and handlebar mustache look like they could be real. Even his teeth and his tongue are sculpted in such a way that it looks more like a person than a figure—this is hard to accomplish, so I have to give kudos to Ramirez; this is outstanding work.

The paint job looks fantastic. There is a great deal of shadowing—even on the face—and highlighting that makes certain areas of Doctor Strange, as well as his cape, stand out. Not only this, but his cape looks regal as anything. It’s a deep red with gold trim that goes up behind his head and closes in front of his chest with a smaller Eye of Agamotto. His clothes are pretty basic, which is actually refreshing and reflects his character in most comics accurately.

If ever there were a figure for Marvel fans to get their hands on, this is it. To grab one for yourself, head over to diamondselecttoys.com. Trust me, this isn’t a collectible you want to pass up.