Diamond Select Toys: Catwoman Resin Statue ComicWow! Review


Selina Kyle, in her disguise as Catwoman, became a burglar—stealing jewels and valuables from Gotham City—until Batman brought her to justice. Even though she was ordered to never wear the Catwoman costume again, Selina still lets her alter ego out from time to time to help Batman and possibly steal a thing or two. Based on her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, Diamond Select Toys (DST) presents this 12-inch resin statue of Catwoman herself!

This beautiful statue is sculpted by the legendary Clayburn Moore. Moore is well-known in the collectible industry as a sculptor. His mastery of the human form has come through in nearly all his sculptures, and this Catwoman statue is no exception.

Catwoman’s body is perfectly sculpted to look anatomically correct. From her collar bones to muscle groups, Selina looks stunning.  The black and white checkered base looks gorgeous, and the paint job therein is damn near perfect. The sculpt shows Catwoman holding her whip as it coils around her. It’s a beautiful concept and is sure to turn heads in any collection, especially one based on Batman: The Animated Series.

The paint job is done gorgeously, from Selina’s makeup to her outfit. We can literally see the smoky eyeshadow she’s wearing, as well as her striking green eyes and burgundy lip. She wears the classic grey costume with black mask, gloves, boots, and belt with some gold thrown in (to match the trim of the base).

This is seriously one of the greatest statues I’ve seen in a while. Clayburn Moore has done an amazing job, and his talent definitely shows. This collectible is limited to 3,000 pieces, comes in a full-color box with a numbered certificate of authenticity, and is sure to add an element of beauty to your collection.