Diamond Select Toys: Caddyshack Vinimates ComicWow! Review


The first ever collectible figures based on the classic comedy film, Caddyshack, are here! Diamond Select Toys presents Vinimates of  Judge Smails, the Gopher, and Al Czervik. Judge Smails is a proud member of Bushwood Country Club, until a crazy, fun-loving Al Czervik joins the club. Judge Smails does everything he can to drive Czervik away, until it all comes down to one golf tournament.

Judge Smails looks as posh as ever, wearing pleated white pants and a pink polo shirt. He stands with his golf club in hand, ready to have a go at Czervik. The sculpting is in block-figure style, and is precise down to the belt loops and feathery hair. The paint job on this figure is quite well-done, too. We see a stern and angry expression on his face, appropriate as to his feelings towards Czervik. He wears brown shoes with a matching belt, and looks like he put effort into his wardrobe.

On the other hand, Al Czervik looks like he threw on whatever was clean. He wears red pants, brown shoes, a green shirt, a multi-colored jacket, and a white hat. The paint job on this piece is precise and impressive, given all the colors on his jacket. In the sculpt, we can see the texture of his jacket, the buckle of his belt, the design on his hat—everything is done with such minute detail in mind, and it looks fantastic.

Finally, the Gopher stands on top of a base of grass and dirt, with a golf ball next to him. The sculpt accounts for fur and anatomy, like his big fluffy cheeks and teeth. The paint application is mostly brown, with different tones of it to account for depth and texture. This is a simple figure, but definitely adds an element of fun to the collection!

All figures are about four inches tall, have poseable heads, and come packaged in a full color window box, ready for display. These items are available for pre-order now at diamondselecttoys.com!