Diamond Select Toys: Batman the Animated Series—Man-Bat Resin Bust ComicWow! Review


The newest resin bust from the Diamond Select Toys (DST) line based on Batman: The Animated Series is here! Kirk Langstrom, revered scientist, is represented in his alter-ego, the Man-Bat. When Langstrom worked on the next evolutionary step, he transformed into Man-Bat, but only temporarily. The Gotham City Police Department even mistook him for Batman!

This bust is seven inches tall and eight inches in diameter. Man-Bat holds a menacing pose while perched atop an art-deco base. Limited to 3,000 units, this sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity in a color box.

Man-Bat was sculpted by Varner Studios. Since 1979, they have been working with companies in the toy industry. Using different types of sculpting, ranging from traditional to digital to 3D, Varner Studios has been able to sculpt within numerous franchises, including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney, My Little Pony, Batman, and more.

There are a lot of sculptural details and small nuances that make it well worth its $59.99 price. Man-Bat looks exactly like he did in the animated series, right down to his pants. His ears are shaped perfectly, complete with subtle detail in the inner ear. Man-Bat’s signature yellow eyes and under bite are also portrayed in detail. Langstrom’s physique is very distinguishable, with a realistic and anatomically correct body, from shoulder blades to pectorals.  His bat wings are extended and curved inward to depict a sense of suspicion or suspense. The base of this bust is made to resemble the ‘20s—‘30s architecture that was seen in the animated series. It is solid, strong, and secure.

To learn more about the sculpture, click here. This item is available for pre-order on diamondselecttoys.com now.