Diamond Select Toys: Batman the Animated Series “Laughing Fish” The Joker PVC Diorama ComicWow! Review


Before the Joker was the Joker, he was a mob enforcer. While robbing the Ace Chemical Plant, he fell into a vat of toxic waste. The result was a bleach-skinned, wide-grinned atrocity. He became the Joker, and his crimes got more playful, erratic, and dangerous. Diamond Select Toys (DST) presents this 0-inch PVC diorama of the Joker, based on his appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, specifically from the episode, “The Laughing Fish.”

Sam Greenwell’s sculpt is exact and beautiful. We see the Joker with one foot on a dock and the other on Batman’s shoulder as he is chained and halfway underwater. The figure also comes with a fish that can be placed in the Joker’s hand.

Greenwell captures both Batman’s stoic look (broad shoulders, sharp jawline) and the Joker’s playfulness (HUGE smile, playful stance, eerie stare). The characters both look as if they’ve jumped out of the TV screen. They perfectly match their TV show counterparts in terms of look and paint.

The paint job on this diorama is exact and effective. Batman is in his grey/black/yellow costume, and the Joker wears his purple suit with yellow shirt that matches his yellow eyes and teeth. Even the fish he holds matches, being white in color with yellow eyes and teeth, too.

I must say, this is one of my favorite collectibles from Batman: The Animated Series. It really shows how effective a criminal the Joker is. Admittedly, I am a bit biased in that I love the Joker’s character from the comics. I mean, Arkham Asylum was perfection, come on. This is a simple diorama that packs a lot of punch, and would look stunning in any collection.