Diamond Select Toys: Batman: The Animated Series—Catwoman Statue ComicWow! Review


Robbing the rich and running on rooftops is Selina Kyle—better known as Catwoman! Diamond Select Toys brings her in 9-inch PVC form. This sculpt is based off of her character in Batman: The Animated Series, so there’s no confusing the time period she jumps out from!

She is seen standing atop a base (a rooftop) with a feline friend holding a bag of diamonds; Catwoman holds her whip, ready for anything. Complete with a full-color window box, this item is the perfect addition to your collection, and is an awesome addition to any DC collection.

Sculpted by Varner Studios, Catwoman has a very feminine body, with an extremely voluptuous figure. Her bust and hips show a great deal of thought on Varner Studios’ part. To go along with the stereotypical view of women back in the day, Catwoman’s waist is super tiny, and she’s proportionally inaccurate. She does, however reflect the character from the TV series really well.

Catwoman is dressed in her grey costume, along with black boots, gloves, and mask, plus her yellow belt. This is a great throwback to the ‘90s, when the TV show was airing. If you’re a fan of the animated series, Catwoman, collectibles, or all of the aforementioned, this is definitely something to add to your collection.