Diamond Select Toys: Batman the Animated Series Batgirl Resin Bust ComicWow! Review


Batgirl is joining Diamond Select Toys’ line of Batman: The Animated Series resin busts. In this collectible, she appears as she did in the earlier seasons of the TV show. This 5-inch bust is in scale with the rest of the items in the line.

Like them, Batgirl comes with a base inspired by Gotham’s art-deco architecture. It’s very geometric and a solid pedestal for Barbara Gordon. The sculpt of Batgirl herself is very well done, and Varner Studios stayed true to her portrayal in the TV show. The design is really simple, without all too many details. However, the sculpt shows a lot of character and personality. Batgirl stands with her hands on her hips and a big smile on her face.

Her costume is the classic grey, blue, yellow, and black mask. The paint is done perfectly with respect to the animation in the series. It is precise, smooth, and makes Barbara look as personable as ever.

This is a great addition to any Batman collection, especially one based on the animated series. This item comes out this summer, and is available for pre-order here!