Diamond Select Toys: Batman: The Animated Series—Batgirl PVC Statue ComicWow! Review


Let’s go back to the early 1990s, when Batman: The Animated Series was airing on Fox Kids. In an episode called “Shadow of the Bat: Part 1,” we see Barbara Gordon teaming up with Batman to save her father from being framed. Once Batman took off, she took the law into her own hands as Batgirl. To honor that moment and this wonderful character, Diamond Select Toys has created a vinyl statue of the heroine based on her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series.

Barbara Gordon is daughter of Commissioner Gordon (Gotham City Police Department). She is academically intelligent, gymnastically skilled, and insanely determined. Once she cleared her father’s name, both Batman and Robin came to trust her, and take her in as an ally when it came to crime fighting.

This statue does her character justice. With a base to firmly keep her upright, Batgirl stands strong with one hand in front of her and the other holding a Batarang. She is dressed in her original costume from her debut in the television series—grey suit, blue gloves, cowl, and cape, black mask, and yellow belt/chest logo. She has light brown hair with light blue eyes (no pupil, though) and bright red lipstick. The colors are really basic but very effective in portraying Barbara’s character.

The sculpture is anatomically correct, but is made so that Batgirl looks pretty dainty and small. Granted, this is kind of how she looked in the TV show, too. Batgirl’s facial expression is really happy; she looks like she’s pumped about life. It’s strangely eerie, but still respectable that she loves fighting crime that much and it makes her this happy.

Any fan of Batman: The Animated Series is going to love this collectible based on Bruce Timm’s timeless designs. This 9-inch statue is a great addition to the Femme Fatales collection, and is a perfect display piece, coming in a full-color window box. To get one for yourself, click here or go to your local comic book shop!