Diamond Select Toys: Batman Classic TV Series King Tut Bust ComicWow! Review


All hail King Tut! After taking a blow to the head, this amnesiac is convinced he’s a king of sorts. Now, he’s determined to take Batman and Robin to the tomb! Based on the Classic TV Series, this 6-inch bust is the perfect addition to your collection.

Designed by Barry Bradfield and sculpted by Jean St. Jean, this bust has a base inspired by the TV series, showing the Gotham City skyline with a batsignal lit up above.  It’s the perfect way to hold up this modern-day pharaoh.

Jean St. Jean’s sculpt is absolutely stunning. I’m always blown away by the detail included in these sculptures. From the hair on his chin to the material in his clothes, King Tut looks very realistic. Jean St. Jean makes sure we can not only see the clothing, but the texture within it, every wrinkle of cloth, every strand of yarn, etc. Not to mention, King Tut’s face looks almost hyper realistic with anatomically correct creases in the skin and laugh lines.

Not only this, but the paint job gives away a lot about the character, too. This Egyptologist looks like he comes from straight out of history. His wardrobe says it all, and the regal deep reds and golds of his clothing implies his high ranking—or, at least how he thinks of his ranking.

This is a great piece that is limited to 3,000 pieces, so act fast! Each unit comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity in a full-color box.