Diamond Select Toys: Batman Classic TV Series Bookworm Bust ComicWow! Review


It’s time for a bedtime story! Using sleep-inducing knockout gas books, the Bookworm is a stealthy but dangerous villain. Diamond Select Toys (DST) gives us this beautiful bust of the man himself, based on his appearance in the 1960s Batman Classic TV Series.

Jean St. Jean’s sculpt is beautiful. His thick glasses, leather suit, and fedora literally make him look like the binding of an old book. He sits atop a base that shows the Gotham City skyline with the batsignal lit in the sky above. He also holds what looks like a very rare, old, alchemy book. The small details like specifying the title of the book and the text in the open pages give this bust an authentic and vintage feel that would otherwise be nonexistent. His light from his hat and magnifying glass only further the idea that Bookworm schemes around the written word. Both the sculpt and Barry Bradfield’s design make the Bookworm look incredible accurate in comparison to his small screen counterpart.

Not only does the sculpt make this bust worth buying, but the paint job is so detailed and so precisely done that I almost can’t fathom how long it must have taken to create this masterpiece. The words in the book that the Bookworm holds are so small but look perfect and super realistic. The brown leather of his suit makes the “book binding” look even more believable and relevant. The realistic colors make this item look both intriguing and beautiful.

Limited to 3,000 pieces, this bust is a must-have for any Batman collection. It comes in a full-color box with a numbered certificate of authenticity, and is well worth every penny!