Diamond Select Toys: Back to the Future Trilogy Vinimates ComicWow! Review


Back to the Future is an ‘80s sci-fi adventure comedy film about Marty McFly, who travels back in time to 1955. He damages history a little bit, and Doc Brown has to help him repair it all so life can go back to normal. It has since turned into a film trilogy, and a classic one at that. Diamond Select Toys pays homage to the franchise with Vinimates of the main characters, Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

Marty McFly is seen wearing the same outfit he does in the film. He is looking at his watch while lifting his sunglasses, and stands with one foot on his hoverboard from Part II, set in 2015. The scenes of Marty skateboarding happened when the sub-culture therein was just getting started, so its cultural influence is highly regarded and reflected in this Vinimate. The sculpt is done in block-figure style with details in Marty’s vest and hair. The paint job is done with respect to the film, and looks damn near perfect.

Doc Brown is holding a remote control for his time machine. He wears all white clothing, just like in the film, has yellow biohazard gloves on, and is sculpted with an immense amount of detail from the clipboard in his shirt pocket to buttons on his remote control. The paint application is amazing, giving Doc a somewhat surprised expression.

These are both great collectibles for any fan of the film franchise. Both come in full-color window boxes, and are ready for display in any collection!