Diamond Select Toys: Aliens Minimates 2-Pack Asst.—Queen Alien & Battle-Damaged Bishop ComicWow! Review


In honor of Alien Day today, we’re going to take a look at some Aliens minimates from Diamond Select Toys (DST). In a 2-pack, we have the Queen Alien and a battle-damaged Bishop.

These are some seriously awesome minimates. We get a lot: the queen alien, a xenomorph, a small alien, three pods (of which one is open), and Bishop. The sculpt is done really well in the classic minimate style. That means that Bishop doesn’t look too realistic, but the aliens definitely do. The sculpt of the pods is great, too, making them look just as revolting as they do in the film.

The paint job is inconsistent on certain parts, like the minute details of the Queen Alien’s fingers (claws?). Overall, though, the paint is wonderfully done, showing the dark tone of the aliens’ looming presence and poor Bishop’s severed torso.

There is quite a bit of articulation in these figures, so they’re all ready to be posed in an epic battle sequence for display! Together, these figures look menacing and absolutely frightful. These items are definitely must-haves for any and all Aliens fans.