Diamond Select Toys: Alice Through the Looking Glass Vinimates ComicWow! Review


Diamond Select Toys (DST) adds a new movie to the Vinimates revolution: Alice Through the Looking Glass! Four characters join the Vinimate family: Red Queen, Time, Mad Hatter, and Alice Kingsleigh herself.

Each of these 4” figures come in block-figure style and are decoratively detailed to reflect their characters in the film. They all have a different stance to display their personalities, but come with ball-jointed necks to their heads are movable to reveal even more of their individuality.


Alice Kingsleigh comes in a carefully painted floral gown. It has less detail than the DST PVC Figure, but shows off the character very well. She stands firmly with open arms, ready to embrace whatever challenge is laid in front of her.


Time looks as menacing as ever, with a scowl on his face and furrowed eyebrows that make him one memorable villain. His black and gold wardrobe perfectly mirrors that in the film, and shows off his sophisticated brand of villainy.


The Mad Hatter is in a stance that suggests he is bowing. A playful character, this stance shows off his personable quality and colorful nature. A big part of this is the painting. His multi-colored, polka-dotted tie and bright accessories show off his beautiful personality.


The Red Queen’s pose is one of power. Her facial expression is stoic and still. Her dress is big, bold, and filled with a gorgeous paint job that so elegantly emphasizes hearts that the Red Queen is known for sporting in her outfits, her hair, and even her lips.

For more information on these Vinimates, click here. To get some for yourself at $9.99 each, visit diamondselecttoys.com.