Diamond Select Toys: Alice Through the Looking Glass—Mad Hatter & Alice Kingsleigh PVC Figures ComicWow! Review


Based on the most recent Alice in Wonderland feature film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Diamond Select Toys (DST) is proud to present both its Mad Hatter and Alice Kingsleigh PVC Figures. These beautiful sculptures are part of DST’s Gallery line. Standing at nine inches tall, each of these figures features high-quality painting and sculpting done by Gentle Giant Studios. Both of their bases are made of clock gears and interlock with each other to make a stunning diorama.

The Mad Hatter bears an uncanny resemblance to Johnny Depp, the actor who portrays the character in Alice Through the Looking Glass. From the gap in his teeth to his makeup and down to every bit of his wardrobe, the Mad Hatter looks like he jumped right out of the screen.


The sculptural details add a whole new level of personality to the figures, with wrinkles in the cloth and movement in the way it fits the characters. Both the Mad Hatter and Alice Kingsleigh look like they are walking through a light breeze that pushes their clothing behind them in an elegant, graceful manner.

Small nuances like the threads sculpted in the Mad Hatter’s pants or the floral design painted on Alice’s blouse help bring the magical touch with which Lewis Carroll created these characters. With an abundance of vibrancy and an inherent vitality, both the Mad Hatter and Alice look stoic enough to give off the exquisite and surreal nature of Alice in Wonderland.


Both of these gorgeous figures are available on diamondselecttoys.com for pre-order at $45.00 each.