Chicago Blackhawks Pop! Vinyls: Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews ComicWow! Review


2017 is quite the year for the NHL, and the Chicago Blackhawks are ranked as one of the best. In light of that, Funko presents a Blackhawks-inspired line of Pop! vinyls. Today, we’re taking a look at two: Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. These are two great players with a lot of hype around their names, and now with vinyl figures, too!

Patrick Kane, Right Wing for the team, is presented in uniform with his stick and a puck. What I really like about this figure is that Kane’s stick is a silver color at the end, which I’m pretty certain is supposed to represent the tape that he wraps around it.

Jonathan Toews, captain of the team, looks pretty much the same as Kane except for the end of the stick, color of his hair/eyebrows, and his jersey number/name. But that’s the point, isn’t it?

These figures really do look like part of a whole team, and are perfect for display in any sports fan or collector’s home. And this is just wave one! Collect Jamie Benn, Sidney Crosby, Henrik Lundqvist, Connor McDavid, Carey Price, Morgan Rielly, Steve Stamkos, and Alex Ovechkin, too.