Carrie Kelley Robin Funko Pop! ComicWow! Review


Funko has released a gorgeous Pop! vinyl figure of Carrie Kelley Robin from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Carrie Kelley becomes the new Robin after she saves Batman’s life. She’s the first full-time female Robin in the history of the Batman franchise (aside from a brief Robin role by Julie Madison). Carrie is one of six figures in the series (the others being Batman, Armored Batman, Armored and Unmasked Batman, Superman, and the Joker).

The paint job on this figure is really beautiful. The basic yellow-green-red-black color scheme of her costume is present, but the detail with which it is applied is my real focus. For example, the “R” on her shirt is placed with such precision and came out looking fantastic. The bright orange of her hair really makes her character stand out amongst almost any other.

The sculpt on this figure is also really effective. We see Carrie’s big square glasses, her Robin Hood-esque shoes, her gloves, everything. Even her hair has texture in it! The only inconsistency is her cape, which doesn’t connect at the front of her neck, making it seem unrealistically in place. It does, however, show quite a bit of movement. What I love most about this sculpt is the fact that Carrie has her slingshot in hand, ready for action. Like all Pop! figures, Carrie has the typical square-shaped head, huge black eyes, and no mouth.

This is a really adorable figure that is definitely the perfect addition to any Batman collection. Collectors, make sure to keep an eye out at your local comic shop for the rest of the series, too!