Cannibal #1 ComicWow! Review


In 1994, a hurricane hit southeast America, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage. With it came mosquitoes carrying a 100-year-old strain of Yellow Fever. Global Medicine Management suggested Y-PAK, a medicine to combat the disease. This medication, however, came with a horrific side effect: craving human flesh. Nearly everyone has been turned into cannibals. Not zombies, but fully functioning, mentally stable, remorse-feeling human cannibals.

In the town of Willow, FL, the first ever cannibal appearance has been made! And he killed a young boy working at a bar. The town is now after this cannibal, but the problem might be bigger than they thought. When Cash goes to Jolene’s house to propose, there is nothing there but a big mess—as if someone had broken in.

Writers Young and Buccellato write a really interesting script in this issue. They’ve taken the overdone zombie story and turned it into a modern tale of murder. The dialogue seems really natural. Each character interacts with the others in such a way that it feels genuine to the setting. Such scandalous goings on are bound to spread in such a small southern town.

There are a lot of characters, of which I’m not sure who is the protagonist, so things get a tad confusing. There’s “Pop,” who owns the bar, Grady, who works at the bar, Roy, who is dating Jolene, Danny, who is back in town for some odd reason, and a ton more. So far none have stood out too much except Roy, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Bergara’s illustrations are actually rather beautiful. Despite a lack of realism and sometimes detail, the style matches the script flawlessly. The line work reminds me something of The Walking Dead and, with similar themes, the artwork tells the story really well. The characters’ faces are really expressive, and the southern setting comes across in both body language and attire. These characters are really tough, and their personalities come across really well.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this series pans out. Right now, we don’t have many established relationships with these characters, so I’m not as interested as I could be. However, conscious human flesh eaters make a better topic than the normal brain-eating zombie that has been the fad for quite some time now. This is a great addition to Image’s lineup of books, and it’s well worth the read for any horror fan.

Written by: J. Young & Brian Buccellato

Illustrated by: Matias Bergara


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