Bubblegun #1 ComicWow! Review


In this manga-style cyberpunk series, we’re in the 22nd century. Advanced technology is just about everywhere, and tech thieves are a hot commodity. Molli and her sister, Devyn, are at the center of the series. They are two tech thieves, part of a whole team working with them. When a mission leads to a destroyed ship, they have to work for Sir Penny to pay off the damages. He sends them on what’s basically a suicide mission and, as expected, they come across a pretty big road block.

Roslan catches up readers on the second volume’s first issue in the form of caption boxes filled with Molli’s narration. You don’t have to have read volume one to understand this issue, which is something I can respect and appreciate, since I’m a new Bubblegun reader myself.

The dialogue throughout this issue is filled with sophisticated but easy-to-understand language that just about anyone can follow. Character interaction is natural, sincere, and believable. The characterization is done really well and, even though the protagonists are thieves, they’re the good guys. We can sympathize a lot with this team, given their current circumstance(s). This is, simply put, great sci-fi writing. There is a bit of humor thrown in here and there to balance out the dramatic tone of the issue, and it definitely pays off. The script is, without a doubt, my favorite part of this book.

But what is a comic book without the artwork? Angel Tovar gives this issue a really great look. Each character is distinguishable with a unique style—all under the cyberpunk umbrella. There is quite a bit of depth to the panels, and we see a lot of emotion therein. The line work is really clean, with a lot of geometric shapes to show off what kind of technology we’re looking at. What really makes this issue pop is the coloring by Peter Steigerwald and Federico Blee. This issue is one of the most vibrant I’ve seen in a while. It clearly shows what kind of future we’re looking at, and blatantly exposes the cyberpunk world in an aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous fashion.

Bubblegun #1 is a great issue that starts off one hell of a mission for these thieves. If you’re into sci-fi and/or cyberpunk at all, you can’t pass this up.

Written by: Mark Roslan

Illustrated by: Angel Tovar