Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog #1 ComicWow! Review


This issue is comprised of three separate stories about one really adorable dog. Dynamite Entertainment brings us Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog!

The first story, “Boo and the Birthday Bash,” is about how a young girl, Audrey, got Boo for her birthday. At her party, her guests only pay attention to Boo. But when Boo drags the birthday cake to Audrey, her friends start to notice her as well. At the end of the party, Audrey’s party guests tell her how awesome the party was, and that they’ll hang out at school later.

Boo essentially made this little girl some friends. Dogs have magical powers, I swear. And this pup looks like the smallest, fluffiest, most friendly creature you’ll ever see. This is a really cute story about how these creatures really are man’s best friend.

The second story, “One Boo Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is a nod to the famous Jack Nicholson film and brilliant Ken Kesey novel. In it, Boo and his brothers, Bluebeary and Buddy, are hungry. However, their human is sick, and has been in bed all day. After trying different ways to get to their kibble, they give up. Then, their human feeds them, doesn’t even get mad at the mess they made, and invites them to nap with her.

The dogs’ characterization really shows through. Boo is only concerned with the human and how sad it is that she’s sick. Bluebeary just wants to eat. Buddy is an idea pup, and is just tagging along to spend time with his bros.

This story brings up a lot of really awesome concepts that, admittedly, I think of a lot. Is this how dogs think? Can they think up these elaborate ways of getting what they want? Probably, and that just makes them even cuter!

The last story is entitled, “Boovie Star.” Boo has an audition for a movie. When he learns that the movie is across the country and for the whole summer, he tries to bomb his audition so he won’t be away from his brothers, but he gets the part. His brothers decide that they are going to get jobs on the movie, too, so they all end up spending the summer together!

This is the most unrealistic story of the three. Who took them to the audition? Who put Boo in clothes? How did Buddy and Bluebeary know that there were other positions available on the movie? The illustrations are also the most distorted in this story. So much so that some panels make the dogs have expressions that are the opposite of what their dialogue implies. Even so, this is a beautiful story.

What a great start to an amazing all ages comic! For any dog lovers and readers who are looking for a really lighthearted read to pass the time, this issue is for you. Head over to your local comic shop ( and check it out!

Written & Illustrated by: Various


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