Bob’s Burgers #15 ComicWow! Review


This issue of Bob’s Burgers is all about Gene. It is entitled, “Gene’s Rhymey Rhymes that Could One Day Be Songs Presents: A Musical Gene in King Arthur’s Court.” Gene is magically teleported (or he gets knocked out with a kickball and has a dream) to King Arthur’s Court. There, the King (Fischoeder) hires Gene as the new wizard and maestro, kicking Bob and Linda out of their existing jobs within the court. For the rest of the issue, they try to get back at Gene. That is until one day when Tina and Louise show up, too. They are all playing the King’s party, and Gene offers to have Bob and Linda on stage with them. As soon as things go wrong, Gene, Tina, and Louise poof back into their own era.

Brian Hall’s writing is really smooth. Seeing as this is Gene’s story, every two lines rhyme with mostly the same number of syllables. It’s really difficult to write an entire story in rhyme, but Hall does it amazingly. I am really impressed by his ability to carry the issue with a steady pace. In order to make it rhyme, though, a lot of the language has to be blunt and even a bit awkward.

Maggie Harbaugh’s illustrations are nothing like the character designs in the TV show that started this comic book series. We can tell who is who, sure, but they all look super different than their TV counterparts. Some facial features are distorted here and there, but it doesn’t take all too much away from the storyline.

Despite some iffy panels and warped line work, it’s nice to see another artist’s take on these characters. They are definitely expressive, but there isn’t all too much movement from panel to panel. Each panel does, however, depict the couplets written in the script. The transitions are the only things that could be a bit better.

This is a really creative and imaginative story that any Bob’s Burger’s fan will enjoy. I do wish Tina and Louise had a bigger part in this issue, though. I understand it’s Gene’s issue, but when I think of the Belchers, I don’t think of just one. Otherwise, this is a great issue that showcases Gene’s musical talents as well as the silly nature of Bob’s Burgers overall.

Written by: Brian Hall

Illustrated by: Maggie Harbaugh


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