Beast Kingdom Egg Attack EAA-017 Kylo Ren ComicWow! Review


As part of Beast Kingdom’s Star Wars line of action figures, Kylo Ren is here! Based on his character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this action figure comes with tons of details and accessories.

To start off, Kylo Ren stands at six inches tall. He comes with two pairs of interchangeable hands and one lightsaber, as well as an exclusive figure stand to keep him looking sharp within any collection. It also has a nameplate and the Star Wars logo on it. This is a solid action figure with a lot of accessories to make Kylo Ren look good no matter where you place him.

One thing I absolutely love about this figure is how perfect the paint and wardrobe are. The paint job is done so perfectly that it even accounts for the texture of Kylo Ren’s suit. Moreover, the cloth works well with the rest of the figure to create a really cohesive and balanced collectible.

This is the perfect action figure to add some villainy to anyone’s Star Wars collection. If you haven’t already, check out this bad boy and invest in getting it for yourself! Beast Kingdom is putting out some awesome figures, and this is only the beginning!