Beast Kingdom Egg Attack EAA-004 Iron Man Mark 43 ComicWow! Review


Iron Man is a high-tech hero fighting for justice in a world filled with criminality. To honor this tech-savvy super, Beast Kingdom has released an action figure of him that is more detailed than you’d think. Beast Kingdom has an amazing line of action figures, and we here at ComicWow! can’t get enough of them—especially the Marvel ones!

This metallic figure has 30 points of articulation, a light up device in its chest and eyes, one set of interchangeable hands, one thruster effect accessory, and a stand to display Iron Man wherever and however you’d like. Not to mention, this thing has realistic engravings and Iron Man’s signature armor, back flaps, chest arc reactor, and helmet.

From the shape of the armor to the realism in the LED lighting, this collectible is stunning. It’s insanely detailed. We’re talking scratch-marks-on-the-armor-to-show-battle-damage detailed. This collectible is based off of Iron Man’s character in Age of Ultron, and it does the job of recreation really well. Standing at about six inches tall, this action figure is the perfect addition to any set of Marvel and/or Avengers figures.