Beast Kingdom: Egg Attack EA-020 Star Wars Floating Millennium Falcon ComicWow! Review


I’m not going to lie, this collectible induced drooling. The world’s first floating Millennium Falcon is here! Beast Kingdom and Egg Attack have created an electromagnetic work of art. The display box comes with the Millennium Falcon, a magnetized base, power cord, stand (which you probably won’t be using too much when this thing can float in place), and a few accessories (satellites, weapons, etc.). But it’s not only the amount you’re getting that makes this collectible worth every penny.

This thing uses both electromagnetic attraction and repulsion to keep the Millennium Falcon suspended in mid-air. It’s a tad tricky to get it set in the correct place, but when you do, holy crap is it worth the effort or what! The mere sight of this floating piece of art will turn the heads of everyone who steps into your office, living room, man cave, woman cave, whatever! It’s seriously stunning.

In large part, this stunning appearance is due to the paint job and technology within the collectible. The paint job is done in a high quality. There is metal coating to show the Millennium Falcon’s armor as well as battle damage from the more action-packed times it has seen. The Millennium Falcon itself has so much sculptural detail that it’s almost hard for me to grasp the amount of time and precision that had to be put into this collectible. The outlines of every item, every switch, and every panel on the surface of the Millennium Falcon are sculpted and painted to look as realistic as possible.

The kicker here, though, is the functioning lights on both the base of the item and the Millennium Falcon itself. The lights on the base make the ship look even more striking as it floats and rotates in front of you. The lights on the ship just add to the realism of the item. This collectible is worth every cent it costs, and it won’t—by any means—let you down.

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