Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Superman Funko Pop! Vinyl ComicWow! Review


One of the world’s greatest superheroes is in Pop! vinyl form. Funko so graciously presents the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Superman figure, complete with a window box for a beautiful display.

Superman himself comes with the usual blue, red, and yellow costume, cape included. There isn’t all too much detail in his costume or his anatomy, but we can clearly see major muscle groups. His cape is covering all of his back, so we can’t see what sculpting is going on there.

Superman’s face has a really stern expression. He stands with his fists balled by his sides, eyebrows furrowed, and mouth gnarled into an intimidating frown. Along with a stylish haircut, he has stress lines on his face to emphasize his readiness to battle.

A PREVIEWS exclusive, this figure is available at your local comic book shop, so head on out today and pick one up! Other items in this line include Batman, Armored Batman, Unmasked Armored Batman, Carrie Kelley Robin, and The Joker. For more information on this item, click here!