Baltimore: The Red Kingdom #4 ComicWow! Review


In the penultimate issue of Baltimore’s story, he and his team is surrounded by the Red King’s forces. Luckily, an ally gives them an escape route—but some men must be left behind. The death of a familiar character is put aside to look at Judge Rigo, who is complaining about the fact that he needs to be airborne to survive. Eventually, Baltimore’s group gets together with a plan to kill the Red King, but something gets in their way. We get a small clue as to what the Red King is up to and, under the current circumstances, I’m dumbfounded as to how Baltimore is going to possibly rectify the situation.

Mignola and Golden have orchestrated an amazing issue here. The Red King currently has the upper hand, so it’s going to be interesting to see Baltimore try to fix things. At this point, though, I have no idea where the story is going to go—and I’m okay with that.

This issue reads really well and rather quickly. Mignola’s writing style has always been poetic, unrealistic in modern-day conversation, but believable for the time period at hand. The character interaction is key, as these characters are being rushed by the looming threat of the Red King. They need to act fast, and the writers make them do so without messing up the pacing of the issue. Yeah, things need to be rushed in the story, but the script doesn’t feel rushed at all.

Peter Bergting’s artwork is all over the place—in the best way. We see humans, planes, the Vatican, witches, supernatural characters, boats, and so much more. Bergting has his work cut out for him, but hot damn does he deliver! It’s clear that he takes time period into account while illustrating this issue. There are hops in the timeline here and there, but Bergting makes it so that there is no room for confusion. The artwork really shows a lot of tension and suspense.

Michelle Madsen’s colors are dulled down. This has a huge effect on the time period, showing us that we’re not dealing with modern-day here. Most of the reds really pop, so everything that has to do with the Red King really stands out.

This issue is filled with fast-paced action sequences, horror, the supernatural, and so much more. It’s truly a thrilling read, and a definite must-read for any Mignola fans. The end is near, so keep reading to see what happens!

Written by: Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden

Illustrated by: Peter Bergting