Bad Thoughts #1 ComicWow! Review


Bad Thoughts is one of those books that is going to make you wonder if someone is watching you from your closet, outside your window, within your ventilation system, under your bed, etc. It has an uneasy, disturbing tone to it, which is why it’s perfect for all you horror fans out there.

Like most of the older horror comics, Bad Thoughts begins with a host—in this case it’s Mr. Clyde—who welcomes readers to the book and explains the rules of the universe. The gist of the story is that a kid is left alone at home, when a rat-like creature from his vent slips out and tries to kidnap him. There is murder, violence, suspense, and some seriously creepy visuals to accompany the script.

The narration is by the creature living in the ventilation. His caption boxes continue throughout the entire issue, and are focused mainly around what his plan is to kidnap Jason, an unsuspecting little boy. The narration is really eerie and has the “villain” speak rather bluntly about his intentions and personal thoughts. This is actually a great way to show readers just how messed up he really is.

What make this issue as eerie as it is, though, are the visuals. Instead of illustrations, the visuals are photographs of 1/6th scale stop motion characters. They are very strange-looking figures with exaggerated features here and there that lead to an extremely uncomfortable feeling for the readers. It very closely resembles stop motion animation, which in and of itself has a darker connotation, thanks to the likes of famous films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. You don’t see photographs like these in comic books too often, but they certainly do make for a novel, interesting, and unnerving effect.

Unfortunately, the only real emotion shown is from the rat-human hybrid living in the walls. And even then, he just looks angry or surprised. The other characters don’t show much emotion at all. That’s the one downfall of visuals like this, but nonetheless, the story is still told in a clear manner.

The story doesn’t have all too much “meat” to it. It’s a simple concept that comes off as unrealistic yet surprisingly relevant. The concept isn’t new at all, but the execution is something we don’t see too often, so I can respect Gono’s attempt at making something new and exciting.

I’m really eager to read more of this anthology and see what else Gono has in store for us. For horror fans, you’ll get a kick out of this issue. Head over to to download a copy of the first issue now!

By: Matt Gono


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