Babyteeth #1 ComicWow! Review


Sadie sits alone in Palestine, recording a video for her son, Clark, whom she had when she was 16. She feels compelled to tell Clark about everything from his birth up until the present day. When she had contractions, the Earth shook. When Clark was born, a man told her that he was the Antichrist. Could this be? Where is Clark now? Why is Sadie in Palestine? Why will she be “gone” by the time Clark gets her message?

This issue has a lot of mystery and intrigue engrained in it. I have more questions than understanding of the story, but I’m okay with that. If Clark really is the Antichrist, what is he capable of? What will he do to the world, if anything? How will Sadie deal with it? Who is the father? Does he have anything to do with it? The possibilities are endless!

We really only meet two important characters in this issue: Sadie and her sister, Heather, who was the only one who knew about Sadie’s pregnancy. We don’t get all too much characterization just yet, but I’m hoping that’ll change with upcoming issues.

The writing in this issue is simple and straightforward. The story has steady pacing that moves the story forward comfortably and effectively. I’m curious as to where this story is going from here. So far, we have a really eerie plot with a mysterious character that is barely one year old in the present time. I’m dying to know more about Clark, so hopefully we’ll get some answers next issue.

Cates is able to turn an evil birth into a loving one, with a first-time mother who loves her son no matter who or what he may be. Sadie is a really innocent, pure character, which perfectly balances with the looming threat of the Antichrist.

Brown’s illustrations fit the tone of the script perfectly. It has an abstract quality to it, the line work isn’t the cleanest, and there is a ton of heavy shading. The issue has a generally dark tone, which definitely adds to the suspense of the story. The colors are murky and at times unrealistic, adding to the fantastical concept of the work itself. Harsh reds signal pain and brief moments of shock, like when Sadie has a contraction/there is an earthquake. When Clark is born, he has eyes as black as night, and it looks straight up frightening. The shading gets overwhelming in certain panels, taking over the artwork. It’s probably foreshadowing as to what we’ll see in future issues, and it looks beautiful.

This issue will definitely appeal to those of you who are into horror. It’s a suspenseful story that I, personally, can’t wait to find out more about. Babyteeth is definitely a series to keep up with.

Written by: Donny Cates

Illustrated by: Garry Brown