Archie Meets Ramones #1 ComicWow! Review


Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie are in a band: The Archies. After they are laughed off stage at school, Sabrina (the teenage witch) gives Archie a Ramones record. He plays it, and the band is teleported through time, into the year 1976. There, they meet with the Ramones and learn what it’s like to be a real band.

Gisele Lagace’s artwork tells the story by itself. The art style is rather animated, like Archie usually is. When the kids go back in time, though, the Ramones help them change up their style to become more punk. The kids go from straight up posh, suburban preppy kids to spiked-hair sporting, leather jacket-wearing, fast music-playing punks. It’s really awesome to see the cultural differences between the present and ’76. I mean, CBGB was open! To see the punk rock lifestyle implemented in the Archie universe is both respectable and super entertaining.

Segura and Rosenberg write this script in such a way that it highlights each main character’s personality. Archie just wants to make the band better. Betty and Veronica just want to fight petty fights about each other. Reggie thinks he is better than everyone. Lastly, Jughead wants to eat. Needless to say, the characterization is on point and falls in line with the same personalities we’ve known for decades.

What I really love about these characters, though, is that they have to work together in the end, in order to accomplish what they set out to do. This kind of teamwork is something we usually don’t see in Archie comics unless it’s just Jughead and Archie or just Betty and Veronica. When Reggie joins in on the teamwork, you know it’s going to be a good issue.

This is a great one-shot from Archie, so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the ongoing series to understand the storyline. Any fans of the franchise are going to love this issue. It does utilize stereotypes about punk rock as a genre of music and a subculture, but only to clearly get the message across. This story is just a ton of nostalgia, what with the Ramones, Archie and his gang, and the inclusion of CBGB. I fully recommend this issue to anyone looking for a good, lighthearted read.

Written by: Alex Segura & Matthew Rosenberg

Illustrated by: Gisele Lagace


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