Archie #17 ComicWow! Review


Archie #17 is all about Cheryl Blossom trying to seduce Archie for revenge against Veronica because her father bought the Blossom family’s company. Poor Cheryl had to move from an exclusive boarding school in exotic Switzerland to Riverdale.

We get to learn a lot about Cheryl in this issue, like how terrible a person she is. She and her brother Jason mess with a homeless person, kicking over his jar of change. When she finally gets the chance to kiss Archie, she laughs at him instead, not believing that the “Archie of legend” could be so clumsy. She’s a vindictive, pathetic, rude, inconsiderate human being, and is honestly the last person I would ever want to cross paths with. A+ work on characterization, Waid, seriously.

There is also a B-plot going on in this issue where Veronica uses her dad’s power to leave town as soon as finals are over. Veronica is actually focusing really hard on her schoolwork, and it shows with both Waid’s writing and Eisma’s illustrations of papers flying around and books everywhere.

Now that Veronica is back in Riverdale, the series should get mega interesting. This feud with Cheryl isn’t going anywhere, so it’s going be great seeing it play out in Riverdale, where Veronica at least has her friends. I doubt it’ll turn into a Riverdale vs. Blossoms situation, but I hope we get some more action (I hate real life drama, but in Archie, I can’t get enough).

Joe Eisma’s illustrations show a lot of emotion and bring back a bit of the classic-looking characters. The CW’s Riverdale shows the characters in a new, edgy, and dark light. But in this issue, the old school cross hatching is back, along with Archie’s signature freckles. The artwork shows a lot of movement, vibrancy, and life, especially with Andre Szymanowicz’s colors.

The creative team on this issue has done an amazing job pushing the story forward in a fun, entertaining, and classic Archie style. A must have for any Archie fan, issue #17 is a great read. Head over to your local comic shop and check it out!

Written by: Mark Waid

Illustrated by: Joe Eisma