Archie #14 ComicWow! Review



Cheryl Blossom is back in issue #14 of Archie. While she still believes herself to be “Queen” of Lycee Camembert (the private school in Switzerland that Veronica also attends), Veronica decides to get her revenge. Unfortunately, this means stooping to Cheryl’s level. Veronica avenges her mistreatment, but doesn’t quite feel better afterwards.

Elsewhere, Archie is losing it! He has a lot of responsibilities to uphold, but he starts acting more like Jughead. He doesn’t do much of anything, abandons his prior commitments, and eats more than his body can handle—seriously, he ends up in the hospital. Now, it’s up to Jughead to save his best friend!

At the end of this issue, we get a small story detailing a date that Jughead is on with Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Kevin and Archie make guest appearances on their date because Jughead is so nervous. Eventually, Sabrina gets fed up with the interruptions and leaves their dinner table… What will happen next?!

Mark Waid writes this issue to progress very cinematically. Scenes jump from Archie and Jughead to Veronica and Cheryl throughout the issue, until Sabrina and Jughead’s date at the end. This also makes the pacing of the issue fairly fast. Instead of reading one long story, we as humans are bound to pay more attention if there are shorter bits of story that we need to pay attention to, each at one time.

The dialogue used in this issue is really simple, natural, and common for the age of the characters. We come to find out quite a bit about these characters, too. Veronica tries to stay as classy as she can, but when someone insults her family, she’s out for blood (not really, just embarrassment, but I thought “blood” was more dramatic). Jughead, despite his nonchalant way of living, is willing to step up to the plate when it comes to his bff, Archie. Archie, when faced with too much responsibility, stress, and tension, reacts in a destructive manner that only Jughead (or maybe Veronica and/or Betty) could ever fix.

The one thing I would have liked to see in this issue is Betty. Yeah, I know she’s busy getting over her ex and having her own series with Veronica, but the main part of the feature “Archie gang” (Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica) are there; only Betty is missing.

I am beyond stoked that Joe Eisma is back for this issue, just because this series has been switching up artists way too much; it’s nice to see some continuity between issues. These characters show a ton of expression. Cheryl’s face when she figures out that Veronica tricked her is absolutely livid. She is upset at first, then transitions to angry really quickly. In the backstory, you can literally see the nervousness and awkwardness in Jughead’s expressions as he tries to impress Sabrina. Andre Szymanowicz’s realistic colors help make the cartoonish art style more believable and dramatic.

Any Archie fan is going to love this issue. Mark Waid has been doing an amazing job with the new Archie series, despite having to work alongside so many different artists. The storyline is linear, smooth, and understandable. Not only is his writing style easily readable, but it’s fun and entertaining, too. There are jokes thrown around here and there, and it really fits not only the signature laughs that Archie always has, but Waid’s script as well. This is an issue that flips Archie’s world upside down, so you don’t want to miss it!

Written by: Mark Waid & Lori Matsumoto

Illustrated by: Joe Eisma


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