Archie #12 ComicWow! Review


When we last left Archie and the gang, Hiram Lodge’s mayoral campaign was ripping the town apart. At the school’s talent show, Veronica and Betty joined different bands to compete. In the end, though, Betty was the one who got Archie’s affections. Little did they know that Veronica (Archie’s girlfriend) and Sayid Ali (Betty’s boyfriend) were watching them. Now, it’s time for damage control.

When Hiram Lodge loses the mayoral race, he decides it’s best to move his entire family as far from Riverdale as possible. This means that Archie and Veronica’s relationship is going to take a big hit. Luckily for Archie, Betty is putting her own relationship on hold so that she can help Archie see Veronica. Will they make it in time, or will the Lodges’ plane take flight out of Riverdale first?

Writer Mark Waid has been doing a fantastic job bringing back the classic comic series that is Archie. The writing in this issue is a lot more serious than in others. There is no joking, no making fun of anything, no fun breaking-the-fourth-wall-jibber-jabber from Archie. Waid is letting us know that now is a serious time for the Riverdale kids, especially Archie and Betty. Despite the fact that they both are going through painful changes in their relationships, they have each other.

I’m actually really stoked that Archie and Betty are getting close again. I’ve wanted this to happen since the “Lipstick Incident,” and I couldn’t be more excited that the time has come! From this point on, though, I have no idea where Waid is going to take things. The only thing we know for sure is that Betty and Archie are as close as ever right now.

Artist Thomas Pitilli continues Archie’s nonstop artist changes. This art style differs from the rest of the Archie series in that its line work isn’t too neat. This “messy” look actually suits the storyline, though, seeing as there is so much chaos in the Riverdale world.  Characters’ emotions are clearly displayed in their facial expressions. The artwork and script are cohesive and stand together really well.

This issue introduces a lot of drama into Riverdale, and takes our protagonist(s) on a journey they won’t soon forget. For Archie fans, this is a must-read. Now that Betty and Archie are this close, who knows what could happen?!

Written by: Mark Waid

Illustrated by: Thomas Pitilli


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