Animosity #2 ComicWow! Review


Animals have gone through an “awareness,” where they have suddenly gotten the ability to think like humans, and talk like humans. Now, animals and humans must live together in harmony, but it isn’t working out so well. We see a lot of the Jesse’s history with Sandor (her dog), and we end up finding out that they are both now on their way to California to be with Jesse’s brother.

Writer Marguerite Bennett goes for a strange formula in this issue. The script isn’t completely linear. It moves forward in time, but jumps quite a bit from one setting to the next. Despite some mild confusion while reading this issue, it tells the story quite well.

I must say, one of my favorite things about this series is the relationship between Jesse and Sandor. Now that this dog can talk, he does nothing but comfort her. But due to the tense relationship between humans and animals in general, he is looked at as a “bad guy.” When he tries to save Jesse from a man with a gun, Jesse’s dad beats him unconscious. Animal abuse is itself hard to watch or read about. But when it is done over such irrational circumstances, it’s even harder to stomach. On that front, Bennett has done her job, making us think twice about the dynamic between species.

Rafael De Latorre’s illustrations don’t show all too much detail, but they sure do show a lot of expression. Rob Schwager’s colors really help provide depth to the pencils. The dark tone of the series really comes out through the artwork. With long shadows and splattered colors, we can tell that the world has become nearly inhabitable or, at least, difficult to survive in.

This new series from Aftershock will definitely get you thinking. This almost post-apocalyptic story will either have you fearing animals or loving them. But either way, you’re going to enjoy one awesome book!

Written by: Marguerite Bennett

Illustrated by: Rafael De Latorre