Animal Jam #1 ComicWow! Review


This issue couples together two stories about the animal citizens of Jamaa. The first, “The Trojan Elephant,” pits the animals against their enemies, the “Phantoms,” when a group of Jamaa friends accidentally bring them home in a giant wooden elephant. They end up using a trap set up for them to trap the Phantoms and save all of Jamaa!

In “Kimbara Outback,” Cosmo is talking to plants. When a group of animals bullies him for doing so, they end up getting hurt. But Cosmo, being the kinder soul, decides to help them out with their pain. The “Guardian Spirits of Jamaa” take notice, and reward Cosmo for his kindheartedness.

This is definitely a children’s book. The art style is so animated and cartoonish, with solid line work but unrealistic depictions of the animals. They are, in turn, really expressive and eclectic. The colors, by Pete Pantazis, are very vibrant and bright. They’re also unrealistic, but there is barely any shadowing or darkness to the issue.

Both stories have strong morals to them, which is also indicative of an all-ages book. The writing is fluid and fast-paced, with simple language that is easy to understand and effortless to follow. The characters all talk pretty informally, but with a specific goal in mind. The dialogue isn’t the most natural, but it definitely gets the plot of the stories across.

This is a great issue to kick the series off. We are introduced to some really fun characters and we get to see their home life, their personalities, and what challenges they face. The creative team has done a fantastic job creating a new world of exciting adventures and interesting characters. If you’re looking for a lighthearted read, this is it!

Written by: Fernando Ruiz & Eric M. Esquivel

Illustrated by: Fernando Ruiz