Adventure Time Comics #8 ComicWow! Review


February’s issue of Adventure Time Comics is all about music. Obviously, LSP is the connoisseur who is trying to explain to Marshall that genre is important when it comes to the music he plays. Together, they go to different shows and watch tons of bands’ sets from different genres. Marshall, however, isn’t really into it. He just plays music—whatever sounds good to him. LSP gives up and goes to another show while Marshall writes a song—a genreless song—and plays it for Fionna, who loves it!

Writer Mariko Tamaki perfectly depicts Marshall and LSP throughout this issue. Marshall is really laid back and kind of carefree, but gets a little self-conscious in the end, thinking that maybe he really does need a genre for his music. LSP, on the opposite end of that personality spectrum, is loud, obnoxious, conceited, and fabulous. However, it’s pretty cool that LSP is being kind of selfless in helping Marshall look for his musical niche.

This issue reads really, really fast. It feels like I wasn’t even reading for two minutes until the issue was over. Moreover, the ending of this issue is quite abrupt and doesn’t really resolve much of the “problem,” which wasn’t much of a problem to begin with. It’s really good writing in the sense that it’s easy to understand and tells the plot flawlessly.

Tamaki writes in true Adventure Time fashion as LSP uses a language signature to LSP and the franchise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t create as much humor as would be expected out of any Adventure Time comic book. Nonetheless, this is a really great read. Just because it doesn’t have as much humor as usual doesn’t mean it’s a poorly written issue. It’s actually quite the opposite. The reason it goes by so quickly is because the script is smooth and flows really well.

Meg Omac’s illustrations show off Adventure Time’s signature style, too, with a cartoonish art style that is unique in more ways than one. Paired with Walter Baiamonte’s colors, the artwork really pops. The bright and bold colors help make the Adventure Time universe look really fun and inviting, as well as playful and very lighthearted.

This is a really cute, short, and sweet story. It’s pretty much all about Marshall, even though he barely talks the entire time. It’s a great way to get a taste of the Adventure Time we all know and love, without delving really deep into an epic adventure. It’s definitely worth the read, and is available at your local comic shop now!

Written by: Mariko Tamaki

Illustrated by: Meg Omac