Adventure Time #65 ComicWow! Review


The Best Princess Ever competition is coming to an end, and heats up with a Princess Parade. After a question from the judges, Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) is eliminated. But wait! Finn and Jake discover that Hot Dog princess is actually the Ice King in disguise! She’s eliminated, and it’s just between Breakfast Princess, Flame Princess, and LSP. Their final task is to find a jewel, and LSP’s uncharacteristic selflessness leads her straight to it!

Mariko Tamaki’s script in this issue stays close to what we usually see from Adventure Time. The unique lingo used by the people of Ooo comes into play, especially with LSP. The dialogue is smooth and flows well from one panel to the next. Character interaction is on point, with clear actions/reactions moving the story forward until the very last page.

I love how the Ice King was pretending to be a princess all along. As much as he’s the “bad guy” in this series, I freakin’ love him. He was in a hot dog suit just because he wanted to be a princess. It just shows how weird he is, and the lengths to which he’s willing to go to make his wishes come true. It’s kind of endearing, actually. Even so, I’m a big LSP fan, so I’m glad she won after all.

McGinty’s artwork resembles the cartoon perfectly. The art style is animated and cartoonish, keeping a very unrealistic style throughout the issue. The line work is really clean, thick, and neat. The characters are overly-expressive at times, thanks to the illustrations. The colors are bold and bright, and make for a very vibrant issue.

This is an issue that Adventure Time fans are going to love. It sticks close to the usual humor we see in the cartoon, and brings it to a new medium. It looks perfect and reads like a charm. This issue is in comic shops today, so make sure to get out to your local shop and pick up a copy for yourself!

Written by: Mariko Tamaki

Illustrated by: Ian McGinty