Adventure Time #64 ComicWow! Review


This issue is all about the princesses in Ooo. They’re all participating in the Best Princess Ever competition, a pageant show type of contest in which contestants have to partake in multiple rounds of showing off their skills to win. The judges are made up of three members, BMO, Marceline, and Tree Trunks. Princess Bubblegum is hosting with Peppermint Butler, too. But the judges notice something a little off… Someone is sabotaging the competition! There’s only one way to figure the mystery out: call Finn and Jake! The two are on the case, and their trail leads them to the Ice Kingdom, where things get weird. The mystery will be solved…next issue!

Like most Adventure Time stories, there is quite a bit of humor in this issue. From the start of the issue, we see it with fans holding signs saying things like “I still can’t find my keys help” and “We kindly suggest that you win! Or whatev you do you.” Straight away we can tell that there is a lighthearted aspect to this issue, and it only continues with the lingo that we’re used to seeing in Adventure Time, particularly that specific to each princess (i.e. Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) saying “glob”).

I’m a huge fan of LSP, so I kind of want her to win the competition, but she is coming off really aggravated in this issue. This is in large part why she is the most suspicious of the suspects for the competition’s sabotage. At this point, though, it could be anybody.

We don’t see all too much of Finn and Jake in this issue and, when we do, it’s pretty much all business, from following goo into the Ice Kingdom to finding a space invading waffle beast on the way. A big part of the humor in this issue is the texting that goes on between Finn and Marceline. They can’t really get a hold of each other and end up awkwardly texting too much; it’s a nice side note.

Ian McGinty’s illustrations stay true to the cartoon’s animated style. The line work varies in weight but stays consistent throughout the issue. The pencils are really clean, and the bright coloring definitely brings out the personality of the eclectic citizens of Ooo. The character designs are on point, with amazing illustrations for “out there” characters like Breakfast Princess.

This is a really fun issue with a thick plot that leaves us hanging at the end. Finn and Jake come across something epic, but we don’t see what it is. Next issue, we’ll find out how this whole mystery ends! So, head to your local comic shop and start reading!

Written by: Mariko Tamaki

Illustrated by: Ian McGinty