Adventure Time #56 ComicWow! Review


In this issue of Adventure Time, the focus isn’t on Finn and Jake, but BMO, their robot gaming system buddy. When Finn and Jake are tired of the same games, they go out in search of some real life adventure. NEPTR, the pie-throwing robot, asks BMO what’s going on, but BMO just says that he/she (both pronouns have been used to describe BMO) needs new batteries. Together, the two robots go to BMO’s secret battery place, an abandoned electronics store. Once there, a huge bowl of supernatural matter gives BMO some special batteries to make better games for Finn and Jake.

As it turns out, it warps reality and the boys get stuck inside a game that keeps restarting at the hands of…NEPTR?! That’s right, this robot has gone rogue, but for a nice reason: he just wants love from his owners. Now, Finn and Jake are stuck inside a constantly changing game, trying to find their friend BMO and get back to reality. There’s only one way to do it: take out the batteries.

Writer Christopher Hastings has worked on Adventure Time for quite a while now. So, he has a style that resembles the TV show and all its silliness. This issue has a distinct sense of urgency—a problem so big that the silliness falls to the backburner for a while.

Even when there is a lot of trouble, though, a lighthearted tone is presented through characterization. Jake is excited about going out to get some soup. Finn uses the same wacky dialogue that he usually does—creating made up words to take the place of what would normally be profanity for us. BMO is simply looking for some new batteries—that’s it. NEPTR plays the role of the villain in this issue, but it’s a really oxymoronic character, currently. He’s a sweet, simple robot who just wants to fit in. Even with so many things going on in this issue, Hastings is able to cleverly make all of these characters and scenarios cohesively come together in one entertaining issue.

The script is seamlessly woven into a smooth, steady storyline. This issue has incredible pacing, not moving too fast or too slow for the attention span of both adults and children. Hastings has written yet another amazing storyline that takes our two favorite adventurers on a journey they’ll never forget.

Artist Ian McGinty illustrates this issue with the same flair that Adventure Time has exhibited over the last 50+ issues. His thick line work and clean curves make the progression of the issue very fluid. The cartoonish style of the artwork makes it easy to make the characters very expressive. The bright and bold colors help bring life to the issue and keep an upbeat tone, despite the seriousness of the situation that Finn and Jake are trying to get out of.

This is a great issue for any Adventure Time fan. It’s the start of a great adventure, a long journey, and a lot of teamwork. Despite a focus on story instead of sequential art, this is a really fun story to read. Check it out at your local comic book shop ( this Wednesday, September 14th!

Written by: Christopher Hastings

Illustrated by: Ian McGinty


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