Adventure Time: 2016 SpOooktacular #1 ComicWow! Review


Adventure Time: 2016 SpOooktacular #1 continues the annual SpOooktacular Halloween tradition! This book is a brand new collection of six short scary stories. And what could be more terrifying than a penguin?! Well, a lot, but nonetheless, Gunter is at the center of the fright in this issue.

In the first story, “Movie Night,” the Ice King wants to have a horror movie marathon with the penguins. Gunter falls asleep and has a horror dream of his own. Instead of getting scared of the monsters in his head, though, they get scared of him—because he isn’t scared. Ice King finally wakes him up, breaks the TV because he’s so scared, and takes everyone to bed for some sleep.

This story isn’t too scary, but more silly. As much as I would have loved to see some eerie stuff happen in Ooo, I’m really happy with Gunter’s dream and how it looks on the page. Writer and artist T. Zysk warped the stereotypical fear factor and overdone vampire stories into something that we barely ever see: the monsters are the ones who are scared.

The artwork is done really well in this story, too. When Gunter goes to the vampire’s party, he looks adorable in an overcoat and top hat. The thought of anyone being scared of this cute little penguin is absurd, which makes the deep shadows and dark shading even funnier.

In “Tummy Trouble,” Gunter creates a gun that turns tissue into fashionable clothing. He encounters some candlesticks that he saves and ghosts that he captures. In the end, let’s just say he acquires a new wardrobe.

This story shows a darker side of Gunter, and I like it. When we’re presented with a different way to look at a character we’re so used to seeing stagnant, the writer has done a fine job. The inclusion of the candlestick people was also a really unique way to showcase the sheer weirdness that Adventure Time is known for.

“Wild Hunt” is about the ruler of the Faerie Kingdom and how she plans to kidnap Gunter because he would make a good listener. She does, but Ice King follows—hoping to make this a romantic endeavor. Things don’t really work out, in the end…

Adventure Time has really weird characters, princesses, places, castles, and themes. This story is no exception. The creativity and dark tone go really well together, making the land of Ooo look bigger and creepier than ever.

Without giving away the second half of the book, the last three stories include a scaring contest, a food-induced mutation, and a parody of The Shining (one of the greatest horror books to be read and films to grace our screens).

In each story, there is unique and imaginative content. From writing to artwork, the creative team on this book has done an amazing job putting together a truly spOooktacular piece of work for us to read. These stories are all loads of fun for all-ages (they aren’t too scary), and make for an excellent read. Adventure Time fans, this is a must-read!

Written & Illustrated by: Various


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